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Are You Truly Living the Life? Time to Reflect and Think.

I am curious to learn your perspective on the prevalent tendency to view life through a limited scope that fixates on trivial matters. The encouraging response to my previous article, “Green Vision or Green Washing – time to call it out,” has motivated me to further explore this topic. In this piece, I will delve into the compelling reasons behind the necessity of a Green Vision (Summit & Expo) for both Malta and the world.

Let me set the scene for you

Recently, I had a fascinating conversation with Marc Buckley. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Marc, I must say that it’s difficult to describe him in a few words but, the generic term would be that he’s a systems thinker and advocate for sustainability. If you inched deeper into his personality, you will find that he’s someone who touches souls and speaks about reality most naturally and practically. I didn’t meet many Marcs around. Quite frankly, our discussion made me realise how fortunate I am to have crossed paths with someone like Marc.

If you had time to pause and research who he is, you might say that he speaks the obvious but when you hear it from him, it hits differently because he makes one realise that we live in a world of alienation and the obvious is not so obvious anymore. If you want to get to know more about this precious human you can read about him here.

Returning to my conversation with Marc, he posed a simple question: “Sabrina, what is the meaning of sustainable development to you?” Now I ask you the same question.

This question forms the backdrop of the Green Vision Summit & Expo, which you can learn more about here .

Live life with a purpose

Now let’s explore the storyline

My answer to Marc’s question was something along these lines… Sustainable development involves creating a life for ourselves and others in a harmonious environment where everyone has equal opportunity. It means breathing clean air, enjoying nature and having access to nutritious food. It also encompasses fundamental rights such as clean water and education for all. 

Now, dear readers, I turn to you. Have you ever questioned how the buildings around you influence your well-being and moods? Have you ever pondered the impact of governance on your thoughts and behaviour? Do you ever question whether governance is affecting the way you think or how you behave? 

Furthermore, when attending sustainability-related events, what do you take away from them? Do they leave a lasting impact, or do you feel drained by the noise and activity surrounding you?

Let’s talk about poverty. It’s commendable to donate money, but will that alone eradicate poverty? Do we know how we can genuinely contribute to creating a healthier society? Are we solely relying on governments to solve these issues? And can governments truly solve them?

How content are we with our lives? Do we have the time for critical thinking?

So, how does Green Vision fit into the story?

Can you imagine living in a more tranquil world? I understand that you’re likely a busy individual, juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. But take a moment for yourself. Close your eyes for just five minutes and envision yourself in a calmer world. What do you see? How does it make you feel?

The current state of the world operates on a survival-of-the-fittest mentality, centred around measuring success, achieving targets, and prioritising the bottom line of a company’s bank account.

The fact remains that in our pursuit of capitalism, we have done considerable harm to the environment, and now we must make amends and take action. This is where innovation comes into play, and this is where each of us can contribute to real change.

Now, let’s take action.

We have a unique opportunity before us. In this journey, we must link technology with our future without leaving humanity behind because, without humanity, there is no future.

There are countless innovations out there, some of which are exceptional and deserve the chance to gain visibility and meet potential investors. This is not a competition; it requires collective action to make a positive impact and create a better world for all of us.

The goal of the Green Vision Summit & Expo is to provide a platform that offers equal opportunities to all who wish to be part of the solution. We don’t want to be that ‘other’ event one goes to. We identify greenwashing. We strive to do better by promoting Accountability, Leadership, and Action. We have an opportunity ahead of us. 

And we intend to lead by example.

Once again, I reach out to companies in various industries such as renewables, energy, water, agriculture, finance, AI, technology, and ESG, to join us on this exclusive and transformative journey.

I urge you to follow our social media channels to gain a better understanding of our mission and values.

To register for the event, please click on this link –

I will finish the article in the same way it started: Are you truly living the life?

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