Our Story

Our heritage is a tapestry woven from diverse threads of race, backgrounds, and cultural differences. We celebrate the richness that arises when people from various walks of life come together, embracing their unique identities and experiences. Our brand story is a testament to the power of diversity and resilience, as they fuel our creativity, innovation, and understanding. We believe that by acknowledging and respecting different cultures, traditions, and perspectives, we can create a world where everyone feels valued and included. From our services to our team, we are committed to fostering an environment that embraces and honours the beauty of our collective heritage, inspiring unity, and empowering individuals to express their authentic selves.
Conception and Birth
Three people had a dream - to transform their country Malta into a green hub by introducing green technologies and opportunities for international collaboration. And so in 2020 at a time when the novel coronavirus hurled mankind into disarray and sent businesses to their death, these individuals armed with nothing but their daring spirits gave birth to GSE Technologies. The visionaries began by securing partnerships with green innovators, exploring and agreeing on bespoke designs for some smart technologies that operate completely off the grid viz. smart benches, smart city hubs, waste bins, cycling points, street lights etc. The goal was to equate innovation with sustainability. Then came the time to navigate regulatory frameworks and policy landscapes and to sell the idea to public and private organisations, surprisingly, the reception of the idea fell short of expectations.
The Challenge
The founders encountered several challenges, including the sustainability knowledge gap. Many individuals were unaware of the potential benefits or even the existence of off-grid digital solutions and target organisations were rather focused on superficial and cosmetic changes that gave the appearance of sustainability but lacked meaningful impact. They realised that bridging this knowledge gap requires extensive education and awareness campaigns to highlight the advantages of green technologies, including reduced reliance on traditional energy sources, increased resilience in remote areas, and minimised environmental impact. Additionally, the founders faced technical hurdles, as off-grid digital systems often require innovative approaches to power generation, storage, and connectivity. Overcoming these challenges demanded significant research and development efforts to create efficient and reliable solutions. Furthermore, navigating regulatory frameworks and policy landscapes that may not be designed to accommodate these emerging technologies presented additional obstacles. Alas, the challenges overwhelmed two of the trio and there was one - the last girl standing - Sabrina Agius.
A Newborn
The Green Vision

Despite the gigantuous challenges before her, Sabrina Agius proceeded to work towards a widespread adoption of sustainable inventions, a resilient approach that opened doors to the introduction of the Green Vision initiatives. Birthed on the need to delve deeper into the underlying complexities and interconnectedness of environmental, social, and economic systems as well as the need to educate, examine and ensure accountability on individual and communal levels, the Green Vision becomes the first of its kind on the Maltese Islands.