The last few years have ushered the world into a stage of climate emergency despite the evolving of global initiatives and organisational goals. This accelerated physical and financial effects of climate risks now more than ever calls for immediate strategies and a clearer vision – a vision that will redefine government’s purpose for long-term sustenance of the society; a vision that will review ideologies from business as usual, a vision that will establish clear individual and communal environmental roles, a vision that will chart a deeper path for practical solutions and meaningful collaborations, a vision that will give nature an opportunity to revitalise – a Green Vision.

Our projects encompass a mother lode of purposeful initiatives that reiterate our commitment to ensuring behavioural change and addressing the issue of accountability in human rights violations, environmental degradation, business approaches, policies and individual lifestyles. 


As the accelerating global crisis continues to leave damaging impacts on the lived environment, we realised that insufficient awareness of the subject of sustainability and complete disregard for the depletion of global resources remains a challenge to achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our plans with the Green Vision Summit and Expo is to question regional and global business practices and ideals, provoke climate actions, encourage the adoption of innovative solutions and sustainable technologies and promote meaningful collaboration and partnerships.

GVSE plans to pioneer the organisation of sustainable events by applying green methods and as much as possible ensuring a carbon-free process. 


Education – We are leveraging the boundless power of education by strategically and consciously handpicking expert attendees and world leaders that will steer the discourse for the ultimate advancement of human knowledge.

Agenda setting – Setting agenda of public discourse holds promises of influencing policies, hence we’ve tailored the GVSE agenda to reflect global challenges, local concerns and their respective solutions that when implemented can positively impact from individual life patterns to the local and global economies

Innovation –  From digital visionaries to conventional startups, GVSE is providing a multidisciplinary platform for disruptive ideas that could potentially incentivise relevant stakeholders to shift to sustainable solutions.


We thought about a holistic approach to sustainable living that would encompass residential, commercial, educational, and recreational aspects.

Our ponderings gave life to the Eco village concept. 

The overarching goal of the Eco village project is to create a model Maltese community that demonstrates the possibility of living in harmony with nature, while also nurturing social connections and economic vitality.

What happens in the village?

Communal living – Residential housing is an integral part of the eco village, providing sustainable and environmentally friendly homes for individuals and families. These homes include features that promote a net-zero lifestyle

Trade – In addition to housing, the Eco village incorporates retail spaces where sustainable and locally sourced products are promoted. This encourages a culture of conscious consumption and reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation of goods.

Education – Blocks of school buildings will provide opportunities for residents and visitors to learn about sustainable practices, environmental conservation, and ecological awareness, therefore, it is an important component of the Eco village. We aim to empower the younger generation to make informed choices and live in harmony with the environment. 


Fostering Eco & Ethical Living

We realised that when people, regardless of their backgrounds and social constructs share a common space, they tend to influence one another. Hence, what better way to promote lifestyles and practices that prioritise environmental sustainability and ethical considerations, than to offer a common space where those already on the right track can influence the others willing to toe the line?

Beta version is nearly ready to launch…