GVSE relaunch

GVSE Officially Relaunches with a Captivating Live Event

Green Vision Summit & Expo (GVSE), the ultimate eco gathering of the year in Malta has been officially relaunched.

The Green Vision Summit & Expo is the flagship event of GSE Technologies, acknowledging humanity as the pivotal connection to sustainable development and striving to cultivate a worldwide movement dedicated to a more environmentally conscious future. It will take place from April 30th to May 2nd, 2024 in Ta’Qali, Malta, Europe. The summit will feature actionable dialogues led by world leaders and industry experts who will share their vision regarding the scale of climate challenges, priorities, and the necessary actions needed in the coming months and years. The event aims to inspire sustainable lifestyles, promote social justice, and empower individuals for a greener future.

The relaunch event took place on the 5th of December having been rescheduled from its original date of September 2023, and brought together industry leaders, professionals, and sustainability enthusiasts for an insightful experience. During the live event, the CEO of GSE Technologies, Sabrina Agius, engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Leadership Coach Sarah Needham, shedding light on the remarkable journey of GSE Technologies as a company and its ambitious Green Vision for Malta and the rest of the world.

Attendees had the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about GSE’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the concrete actions to make a positive impact while providing a glimpse into the exciting projects and initiatives planned to create a greener, more sustainable future.

“We are thrilled to officially relaunch the Green Vision Summit & Expo,” said CEO Sabrina Agius. “This event is a testament to our dedication to driving positive change and fostering collaboration among like-minded individuals and organisations. This event has been a long time coming. The genesis of this journey can be traced back to the Covid-19 pandemic in June 2020 when GSE Technologies (GSE) took flight. I didn’t embark on this path alone; there were three of us who sought to create something distinct that could truly make a difference in our beloved nation of Malta. I feel relieved knowing that we are finally close to execution. We invite everyone to join us and become integral to our Green Vision.”

The relaunch of GVSE signifies a renewed commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future. Besides raising awareness, educating, and empowering individuals to contribute to a sustainable future, the Green Vision Summit & Expo seeks to foster empathy and understanding among diverse cultures and promote social justice. GVSE stands out from other similar conferences because it intends to prioritise accountability amongst participants from industry leaders to suppliers and event visitors, hence the creation of the GVSE Policy which is a guide for acceptable actions and inactions.

Recall that the event was initially launched in March 2023 in preparation for its original date in September. However, after due consideration and consultation with GSE advisors and partners, the decision to reschedule was reached.

GVSE offers various participation opportunities, including partner programmes, sponsorships, exhibiting in the expo, and participating in panel discussions and side events. Companies can align their brands with the core GVSE values and enhance their brand visibility while connecting with their target audience or market.

To learn more about participation opportunities and discuss how your company can get involved, please contact marketing@gsetechnologies.com. Or you can simply secure your delegate pass via the event website www.gvsummitexpo.com.

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