Green Vision


The last few years have ushered the world into a stage of climate emergency despite the evolving of global initiatives and organisational goals. This accelerated physical and financial effects of climate risks now more than ever calls for immediate strategies and a clearer vision – a vision that will redefine government’s purpose for long-term sustenance of the society; a vision that will review ideologies from business as usual, a vision that will establish clear individual and communal environmental roles, a vision that will chart a deeper path for practical solutions and meaningful collaborations, a vision that will give nature an opportunity to revitalise – a Green Vision.

The Green Vision is a mother lode of purposeful initiatives that reiterate our commitment to ensuring behavioural change and addressing the issue of accountability in human rights violations, environmental degradation, business approach, policies and individual lifestyles. We’ve divided this concept into five initiatives:


As the accelerating global crisis continues to leave damaging impacts on the lived environment, we realised that insufficient awareness of the subject of sustainability and complete disregard for the depletion of global resources remains a challenge to achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our plans with the Green Vision Summit and Expo is to question regional and global business practices and ideals, provoke climate actions, encourage the adoption of innovative solutions and sustainable technologies and promote meaningful collaboration and partnerships.

GVSE plans to pioneer the organisation of sustainable events by applying green methods and as much as possible ensuring a carbon-free process. 


Education – We are leveraging the boundless power of education by strategically and consciously handpicking expert attendees and world leaders that will steer the discourse for the ultimate advancement of human knowledge.

Agenda setting – Setting agenda of public discourse holds promises of influencing policies, hence we’ve tailored the GVSE agenda to reflect global challenges, local concerns and their respective solutions that when implemented can positively impact from individual life patterns to the local and global economies

Innovation –  From digital visionaries to conventional startups, GVSE is providing a multidisciplinary platform for disruptive ideas that could potentially incentivise relevant stakeholders to shift to sustainable solutions.


The Eco Village is a community focused initiative founded on the pillars of education, empowerment and engagement. It strives to position B2Cs as drivers of sustainability and creators of opportunities through innovation.

Featuring a non-pushy promotion of low-impact living and trading of eco friendly products and solutions, the Eco Village is one exemplary innovation set to make a difference in Malta and other regions around the world that have been impacted by the damaging effects of climate change.

This initiative accompanies a zero-waste pledge and propagates a fusion fare of trade, festival and experiential learning.

What to expect at the village square

Trade – By providing communal trade opportunities for locals and international participants, we expose them to sustainable alternative lifestyles from food, fashion, body and beauty, travel to technology.

Entertainment – Only three things matter here; fun, fun and more fun. The goal is to present artistic live performances in a different light, from music to games.

Workshops –  Here we provide experiential learning opportunities targeting children and families. Topics vary from; health and wellness to food production and consumption, waste management, upcycling and recycling amongst others.


Green Talks is about turning good intentions into good habits, appraising individual company performances with measurable data based on the climate action plan lodged during the Green Vision Summit & Expo.

Therefore the main goal of this initiative is to create a solutions oriented platform that will re examine individual companies’ ambitious targets and emission reduction goals. 

We’ve aligned this objective to the expected fallout of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Who participates in Green Talks?


Today across the value chain, business and civic leaders are consistently required to live up to public expectations. While this much is necessary, our purpose and focus is to advance the Net Zero agenda, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, good governance amongst others. Therefore, we believe both sectors must be a force for good and have the power to drive sustainable and meaningful social change.

To this end, the Green Awards provides a platform that encourages businesses and professionals to inch further into their carbon reduction journey and set realistic implementation timelines for their ambitious targets, by acknowledging and appreciating best performance.

Award Categories


A fun fusion of art, music and dance featuring a dynamic lineup of acts and industry’s finest who’ve made tremendous efforts in going green.

The Green Concert hosted in Malta opens up to B2Cs and the local community. The aim is to encourage sustainable living by promoting entertainment in eco-friendly manner and actively involving participants in restoring the natural spaces they inhabit.