GSE Technologies Launches the Green Vision Summit & Expo

Malta to host over 8,000 delegates

Over 8,000 industry’s leading players will on the 25th of September converge in Malta for the Green Vision Summit & Expo (GVSE) under the patronage of the President of Malta, H.E. George Vella.
The convener, GSE Technologies via an official announcement on its website, noted that the event which will last through the 29th of September 2023 is a solutions-oriented platform that will facilitate global and regional collaboration between government, academia, global visionaries, innovators and industry leaders and set the Net Zero agenda for a sustainably-secure future.

The theme of the event is Impact Investing: The solution for global challenges. Delegates are expected from five regions cutting across several countries to tackle ways that the business community can set implementation timelines for the ambitious targets that equate innovations with sustainability.
GVSE has been endorsed by the Maltese government through the Ministry for Tourism, Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise, and Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth, Research and Innovation.
Rationalising the organisation of the first event on a large scale, Sabrina Agius, CEO of GSE Technologies, said that the plan to truncate the accelerating global crisis which has continued to leave damaging impacts on the lived environment will require all hands on deck. “We are convening academics and businesses, diplomats and policymakers, key industry leaders, and students from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas to unabashedly challenge regional and global business practices and ideals and promote meaningful collaboration and partnerships”.
She added, “we are also giving startups the opportunity to pitch visionary ideas to investors. This is the time to walk the talk. Every day that we sit doing nothing, humanity suffers as does the planet. The Green Vision Summit & Expo is where accountability begins. If you align with the vision today, you would be supporting our mission to question and reverse norms that have environmentally and systematically tactfully hampered a carbon-free planet.”
The event will welcome startups and corporates from the technology sector, tourism and hospitality, transport and mobility, maritime, energy, building and construction, manufacturing, architecture and design, waste and water management, and environmental services.
GSE Technologies calls on the targeted audience to be a part of the solution and take advantage of the opportunity to accelerate the impact of their brand’s investments.
GVSE will spark deep conversations around the following themes:
-Global warming and climate change impacts
-Biodiversity and preservation of the natural environment
-Regenerative and circular economy
-Leadership for sustainable change
-Sustainable cities, green buildings, and infrastructure
-Tourism, hospitality, and sustainability
-Social, economic, and environmental justice
-Sustainable transportation and decarbonisation
-Food security
-Media and communication/green alert
-Education for Sustainability – Progress through Science
-Clean renewable energy
To learn more about the event and the participation opportunities visit GVSE

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