GSE Technologies partners Umagine in the delivery of carbon neutral solutions

To expand the frontiers of sustainability and serve the growing global market in green hydrogen and energy solutions, GSE Technology secured a strategic partnership with Umagine Hydrogen Private Limited.

Umagine is an Indo-Dutch end-to-end solutions provider for low carbon hydrogen technologies.

The partnership underlines GSE’s ambition to chart the path for deeper collaboration within the Greentech ecosystem, and support our journey to a green future. 

Policy and technical advisory on sustainability initiatives and implementation of innovative technologies in Malta and beyond are part of the partnership terms which will strengthen the commitment to closing the gap to sustainability targets.

In pursuit of carbon neutrality in the Maltese Islands and beyond, CEO of GSE Technologies, Sabrina Agius, reiterated thus, “GSE continues to invest in scalable and sustainable solutions which have already begun to enhance ethical behaviour and community involvement in our environment and it is only a matter of time before we penetrate the outskirts of Malta. 

By developing a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities abound, we will together with Umagine create the conditions that enable solutions to scale.” 

Commenting on the partnership, the founder and Chief Executive of Umagine Hydrogen Private Limited, said, “we are very excited for our new partnership with GSE technologies in the field of sustainability and carbon neutrality.

“Given the significant effect of climate change on rising sea levels for an island like Malta, it is extremely important that Malta works on carbon-neutral solutions to build both resilience and adaptability.

We bring in our experiences from countries like the Netherlands and India in the field of solar & wind energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, hydrogen technologies, climate adaptability, policy advisory and strategy consulting in these fields, and are very confident of developing customised solutions and roadmap for Malta alongside GSE.”

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