How IoT can contribute to delivering relevant and authentic Content about Sustainability

In recent times, the migration of people from rural to urban centres has skyrocketed with data from a 2018 United Nations survey placing the urban population at 55 percent of the world’s population with a projected growth to 68 percent by 2050. This same data recorded Europe as the third most urbanised region in the world with 74 percent of its population living in urban areas.

People have consistently moved from their homes in the rural communities towards small, medium, large, or megacities located within their own countries and across borders. They move either in search of economic prosperity, social interaction, or simply for the sake of experiencing life in a different region. However palatable their reason for relocation might be, it does not reduce the overwhelming toll the increasing population is taking on these cities.

The aforementioned was the basis of our CEO’s speech in a recently held Webinar during The Valletta Tech Summit organised by on the topic: How IoT can Contribute to Delivering Relevant and Authentic Content About Sustainability

The CEO, Sabrina Agius frowned at the deteriorating environmental situation in cities as well as the paucity of sustainability-oriented individuals. She wondered why people are rather focused on pointing accusing fingers and decrying the detrimental effects of climate change with little or no interest in proffering actual solutions.

With the world’s present reality where sea levels are rising above board, oceans acidifying, arctic melting, and forests burning as a result of humanity’s impact on the environment, the increase in the urban population becomes worrisome and terrifying altogether.  

In the same vein, when energy expenditures, carbon emissions, waste disposals, and gas consumption go unchecked, it becomes an instigator of natural disasters, weather extremes, food and water insecurity, economic disruption, conflict, and even terrorism.

This is why GSE Technologies is utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) in the delivery of sustainable solutions. This sustainable technological approach that connects and exchanges data with devices over the internet has been tried and tested to be one of humanity’s ways out of the harsh climate realities.  

Today, IoT is helping organisations to be more sustainable not only in the streamlining of data collection but also by delivering positive social and environmental impact in the management of water resources and reduction of gas and energy expenditures. IoT has made renewable energy easy to use for businesses, government organisations, and even the general public in their individual homes.

The conscious need to deliver the best solutions is the reason GSE in collaboration with leaders in emerging technologies developed IoT devices like the Smart Benches, Smart Waste Bins, and Cycling Points with content specifically tailored to sensitise individuals in its host environment on the necessary steps and processes towards a sustainable life.

There is no denying that the global economic transition to a sustainable future is as much of a huge challenge as it is the greatest innovation, but the journey begins with a step. By championing a host of sustainable practices through public education, Impact Investing, Green Finance, and unearthing technological innovations in renewable energy, GSE Technologies has taken the step towards building a green economy beginning with Malta and ultimately the rest of the world.

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