Open letter from our CEO Sabrina Agius

2023: Open letter from our CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

This is not just an open letter as I write to you with a heart full of gratitude and appreciation for tagging along with us on the journey throughout the year 2022. For two and a half years and counting, our partners and the global community that we serve have ensured that we ameliorate our services and ideals through constructive criticisms, commendation and words of encouragement. Forming this enduring partnership with us and standing as our bastion over the past years has made us stronger, more efficient and more audacious in our revolutionary pursuit towards a sustainable green future.

And you, our dearly beloved clients and supporters, your faith in us through your patronage, is the core of our ability to operate. Your devotion and input to the Green Sustainable and Eco goals drive our innovation and commitment to deliver products and services that continue to exceed expectations. Perhaps you’ve all wondered how we got on this journey or what exactly is our story. Well, here’s an abridged version…

Birth at the time of death

In 2020 whilst the novel coronavirus hurled mankind into disarray with some businesses falling to their death and others barely hanging by the thread, my business partner Nikola Vasovic and I stumbled on a brilliant idea. We incubated the plan as forward-thinking individuals against all odds of ostensible impediments to our daily living, and shortly after birthed GSE Technologies.

Sabrina Agius and Nikola Vasovic at the 2022 Mediterranean Tourism Forum
Sabrina Agius and Nikola Vasovic

Today, we are happy to see that the risky plunge we took has come to be a breakthrough creation demonstrating thorough awareness of the current global environmental situation and working assiduously with key experts to proffer sustainable solutions.

New Direction

Though we haven’t come a long way, we can assure you that it’s been an exhausting ride. We have, despite diminutive challenges that could ordinarily punctuate the smooth flow of business, remained steadfast in our commitment.

2023 is a new and exciting year for the GSE Technologies brand. We will be evolving to accommodate and speak specifically to the individual needs of our stakeholders. For us, growth is our language and sustainability is our passion. We will double down our efforts to tactfully question and reverse norms that have environmentally and systematically hampered a carbon-free Malta. We will expand our capabilities and improve our technologies to better serve your needs – overarching and fragmentary.

We reiterate our vision to become a leading entity in Malta and beyond for innovation and implementation of green and sustainable smart solutions. We will continue to work tirelessly for our services and products to carry a recognition and impact that spreads further away from the shores of Europe.

We are incredibly proud of the work that we do at GSE Technologies and remain grateful to you our stakeholders whose unwavering trust and support have kept us going. We promise to do better and make you even prouder to be associated with us.

You are our trusted ally, and we look forward to continuing working with you.

Cheers to a happy and fruitful new year.

Sabrina Agius

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