What We Do

CEO Sabrina Agius


GSE Technologies recognises the importance of education in driving the transition towards a more sustainable future. We provide comprehensive educational services to individuals, organisations, and communities. These services include conferences, workshops, training programmes, webinars, and seminars, covering various aspects of sustainable development. GSE Technologies aims to enhance awareness, understanding and adoption of ethical business and sustainable household practices for the overall well-being of the environment and society.


We actively engage in advocating for sustainable development, both at the local and international levels. We collaborate with other stakeholders to promote policies and initiatives that prioritise sustainability. GSE Technologies also participate in public consultations, policy development, and awareness campaigns to raise the profile of sustainable practices and encourage their adoption.

GSE Technologies Advocacy programme


GSE Technologies recognises the importance of fostering collaboration and partnerships within the sustainable development sector. We facilitate connections between various stakeholders, such as businesses, NGOs, academic institutions, and government agencies, to effectively build together as no organisation is an island of solutions. Through our social community FEELhub, networking events, and the Green Vision Summit & Expo, GSE Technologies creates platforms for co-creation, innovation, and collaboration.