Our white papers provide a succinct and thorough examination of extensive research and state-of-the-art solutions related to sustainability. We explore fundamental concepts, methodologies, and discoveries that form the foundation of our groundbreaking approach. Through an exploration of the obstacles and possibilities within our field, our objective is to offer valuable insights and actionable recommendations for industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts alike.

They are available for free download.

(Whitepaper) From Organic to Regenerative Agriculture
This white paper beams the light on the boundaries of organic agriculture and regenerative agriculture and explores the transformative potential of regenerative agriculture as an innovative and often overlooked sustainable practice. It was created by GSE Technologies with contributions from the Malta Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights.
free white paper
The purpose of this white paper is to present fresh ideas, foundational knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of carbon neutrality. It aims to inspire individuals to take simple actions to actively support and promote the innovative path towards achieving net-zero emissions. GSE Technologies developed it with valuable contributions from Santosh Gurunath, the Founder and CEO of Umagine.